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Anth 1

Ruby has never forgotten that scorching July day in 1975 when her thirteen-year-old twin brother Arvin pedaled his Schwinn to the boardwalk for what she thought would be another afternoon of pinball and bumper cars and scarfing down mozzarella-smothered slices from the Jersey shore’s best pizza place. What she didn’t think is that she would never see him again.


Now in her fifties with a cancer-riddled body, Ruby has lived with unceasing guilt and questions about Arvin’s disappearance. When her autistic friend Jacob generates a ninety-minute window into the past, she may get to re-write her family’s tragic history. With only one chance to return to that fateful day, the unlikely pair must each face their own daunting challenges before it’s too late to save her brother.

My story, On the Boardwalk, is one of fifteen by various authors in this anthology combining mysteries with time travel.

Anth 2

As the event planner for the annual Cupcake Festival, Fiona Stackhouse is feeling the heat. Not only is it 82 in the shade in Epping Springs, the cupcake capital of Florida, but Miss Corinne the Little Miss Cupcake Pageant’s director, has unremitting demands. Terri Jo, former mayor and beloved grandmother of Fiona’s ex-husband, is the only one with enough clout and moxie to stand up to Miss Corinne. This turns out to be a problem when the unpopular Miss Corinne is found bludgeoned to death with the first-place faux jewel-encrusted trophy. With so many suspects, it won’t be a piece of cake for Fiona and her feisty ex-grandmother-in-law to figure out who murdered Miss Corinne.

My story, Little Miss Cupcake, is one of eight by various authors in this cupcake-themed cozy mystery anthology.

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